Refer a client

If you work in a Care or Support setting, then sadly it is not unusual to need to refer a client to a food bank.

Many (but not all) of the food banks listed on this site work on a referral basis - so the best advice we can give in advance of needing to make a referral is to contact the most appropriate food bank(s) on the 'food bank list' page and introduce yourself - it'll save a lot of time when you do need to make a referral, and you'll be giving the most up-to-date advice that you can to your client.

Some food banks accept clients without a formal referral - and these are marked as such on the food bank list page.

If a formal referral is required, then please avoid the temptation to just give the name and contact number directly to your client, without having made a referral first, as this can cause additional distress for clients if the referral cannot be actioned straightaway.